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Who are you ?

We are a group of cannabis enthusiast’s that want to share our love of the plant through Quality genetics for every budget. Our Collection

Do you offer grow advice ?

Unfortunately, we cannot share our advice on growing due to the current political climate surrounding cannabis . However, you can check out the blog section of the site as we allow people to post advice , etc in that section.

Are you located in the U.S.?

Yes, we are located in the U.S.

Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes! There is a shipping charge for Overseas orders.

Do you offer Discreet Shipping?

If you require additional discretion, please note this in your order.

Do you give out freebies with orders?

Yes, all orders will receive a freebies

Do you respond to customer emails in a timely fashion?

Yes! Customers are why we are here. If you have a problem or order question, reach out we are happy to help

What is the “United Strains Of America” ?

The United Strains of America is our way of showing our patriotism and respect for unique genes and their origins. Our Strain catalog is becoming more diverse by the day. We have been curating our collection towards what we know is quality while trying to avoid the hype. The Breeders genetics we carry have been used personally by someone on our team. This is the reason for their inclusion on our list. They breed Flames ! U.S.A. – United Strains Of America

Plans for the Future

We hope and plan to carry many more top quality elite breeders. Our current breeder wish list is :

Square 1 / Robinhood – (Check out our personal vault page to see if any of us put up our personal packs, we are all fans of THC Titan and his projects here at Gene Fiends) Personal Vault

Archive Seed Bank

Raw Genetics

ROC Bud Inc

Crane City



Viking Gardens

Night Owl

just to name a few

30% off through Friday 02/03/2023 (11:59pm CCST) With Code: Dystopia

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